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Augmented Reality for art exhibitions

alvise ranieri tenti

Augmented Reality for art exhibitions

“Heroes”, women and men who have changed the world. 20 portraits painted on jute bags and “augmented” by multimedia contents.


Alvise Ranieri Tenti



Il committente

An artist who paints his artworks, with a characteristic technique, on jute bags

Which was the need

The need was to create an immersive and diverse experience for exhibition visitors

Our answer

Implementation of augmented reality contents to artworks

What we did

In collaboration with Alvise we designed and realized videos that would add information or suggetions about the artworks. Then, we allowed these contents to be accessible – thanks to augmented reality – simply by framing the individual painting with the smartphone. The virtual content, associated to the artwork, was overlapped with the painting, interacting with it and – obviously following it – in its movements. The wow effect that Alvise had asked for was obtained.

Poetronicart s.r.l. Start-up innovativa
insediata presso BIC Incubatori FVG

Via Flavia 23/1 – 34148 | TRIESTE
Via Ofanto 18 – 00198 | ROMA
Via Nino Bixio 19 – 20123 | MILANO

P. IVA IT01282080322
Cap. Soc. € 137.750,00 I.V.
Codice destinatario: M5UXCR1