the art

A platform dedicated to art, that integrates various environments within it

the art business village

Poetronicart is an Art Business Village, a fair dedicated to the art in all its manifestations. Completely digital, permanent, high-tech. Always available, but with constantly updates contents an taylored services.

We help the actors of the artistic/cultural chain (artists/producers, collectors, distributors, passionated people) to draw value from art, thorugh the use of most recent technology.

What happens within the fair


Everyone will have the possibility to exhibit its artpieces in a dedicated environment, being it an artist, a collector or a gallery


Every exhibited artpiece within stands will be marketable according to owner standars


In the fair it’s possible to acquire or spread knowledge about art and digital


A dedicated area to fundraising for artistic and cultural projects

The tools that we offer

We don't offer 'only' exhibtion areas but, in order to make easier the matching between art supply and art demand, we also offer a complete toolkit.


  • P-funding – A dedicated area for the kick-off of crowdfunding campaigns to support projects
  • P-finance – A tokenization tool, able to digitalize and permit to transfer art rights.
  • P-magazine – A publishing project based on the art market: artists, events, promotion opportunities.
  • P-services – Special services and projects, from the realization of communication projects to the development of applications

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