Gianni Toti was a visionary. One who had designed his own augmented reality glasses at an early stage. Marinka Dallos was a naïve painter, "although the definition has many meanings". Their production includes countless works that today, for the most part, are preserved in Rome at the headquarters of the Association La Casa Totiana.

Private client - Association La Casa Totiana


The commisioner
A private cultural association born in 2009 with the aim to preserve and promote artistic heritage of Gianni Toti and Marinka Dallos Toti

Which was the need
Making the heritage accessible and create productive assets from it

Our answer
Combining physical assets with a strongly technological dimension

What we've done
We digitized the archives of Gianni Toti and the painter Marinka Dallos, uploading all their artworks into our Art Business Village, making them freely accessible to anyone. At the same time, we completely redesigned the Association's web presence to allow for a smoother integration with the new infrastructure. Subsequently, we curated events throughout the country, such as the exhibition at the Accademia d'Ungheria in Rome or the celebratory event for what would have been Gianni Toti's 95th birthday at the MACRO. We then invested - in a win-win perspective - on the development of commercial products, such as "Le Cartaviglie": a volume (distributed in all bookshops with Rubbettino Editore, at the cover price of 14€) composed of 6 postcards and a mobile app to explode poetic leads through augmented reality. We have also published, in Italian and Hungarian, the first digital catalogue of Marinka Dallos, edited by the art historian Mirjam Dènes, and contributed to the realization of three collections of poetry by the President of the Association. All this, while continuing to promote the artworks through our channels and to manage exclusively the requests.

Poetronicart s.r.l. Start-up innovativa
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