On the one hand, the iridescent colors of the illustrations of seven young artists. On the other, in typographic characters, the name of an animal and a noun that marks man's relationship, anything but ethical, with that animal. From A for lobster/water to Z for zebra/zoo The "Animal Charters" highlight the ABCs of the potential of augmented reality with respect to publishing.

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Il Committente È una casa editrice indipendente dedicata alla pubblicazione di opere di narrativa e saggistica

Qual'era l'esigenza
Dare vita a una collana che integrasse gli strumenti dell’editoria “tradizionale” con la tecnologia

La nostra risposta
L’implementazione di contenuti in realtà aumentata all’interno delle pubblicazioni

What we did
. We thought to take over a volume that Safarà had published in 2016: "Abbecedario degli animali" (a volume edited by the researcher Alessandro Fiori in collaboration with the association Essere Animali) and we completely redesigned it. The difference, in addition to the format and title, was in the application of augmented reality for the fruition of the contents. Now, in fact, the reader must download the Wikitude app on his smartphone, type the name Cartaviglie in the search engine and point the device at the individual tiles. The illustrations suddenly come to life and from the individual letters you can access data, authoritative and verified sources, international research and articles on the animal world. Art, science and technology are brought into dialogue in this publication that inaugurates the series of the same name "Cartaviglie", a name that winks at Gianni Toti, the poetronic inventor of this crasis between "paper" and "wonders", an admirable synthesis of the integration between physical and digital support that takes place with augmented reality.

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