"Heroes," women and men who changed the world. 20 portraits painted on jute bags and "augmented" by multimedia content.

Alvise Ranieri Tenti


Il Committente
“Heroes”, donne e uomini che hanno cambiato il mondo. 20 ritratti dipinti su sacchi di juta e “aumentati” da contenuti multimediali.

Qual'era l'esigenza
Creare un’esperienza immersiva e diversa per i visitatori della mostra

La nostra risposta
L’implementazione di contenuti in realtà aumentata alle opere

What we did
In collaboration with Alvise, we designed and created videos that would add information or suggestions about the works. We then allowed these to be accessible - thanks to augmented reality - simply by framing the individual paintings with your smartphone. The virtual content, associated with the work, was superimposed on the painting, interacting with it and - obviously following it - in its movements. The wow effect that Alvise had asked for was obtained.

Poetronicart s.r.l. Start-up innovativa
insediata presso BIC Incubatori FVG

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Cap. Soc. € 137.750,00 I.V.
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Numero REA: TS-138237