The Poetronicart projects born within the Village

The village is a place rich of contaminations and creations. Within it, with the support of Poetronicart expertise, new projects born and new artistic expressions take place. These are just a few

P-Services offered

Taylored services that we offer to our exhibitors to speed up the creation process


We create multimedia contents: publishing plans, images, videos, podcasts and sound products


We develop mobile apps and websites with specific focus on AR and VR implementation


We offer economic-financial consulting services, employing all our know-how and network

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Poetronicart s.r.l. Start-up innovativa
insediata presso BIC Incubatori FVG

Via Flavia 23/1 – 34148 | TRIESTE
Via Ofanto 18 – 00198 | ROMA
Via Nino Bixio 19 – 20123 | MILANO

P. IVA IT01282080322
Cap. Soc. € 137.750,00 I.V.
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Numero REA: TS-138237